It all started in 1903.

The Clark Group Of Corporations has evolved from a small soda water operation owned by Carsie C. Clark in 1903 and located in the rear of a drug store in Martin, Tennessee. He was born in Calloway County, Kentucky in 1882. His father operated a small distillery in that area and in 1889 a second distillery in Hickman County, Kentucky.

Clark moved to Martin and married Erin Nowlin in 1903. While living in Martin, he founded Corinth Bottling Works in Corinth, Mississippi. After selling an interest to A. K. Weaver, a Corinth businessman, in September 1905, the two set out to obtain a Coca-Cola franchise for Corinth. While awaiting developments in Corinth, they were granted a license for New Albany, Mississippi in 1906.

Clark moved to New Albany. He and Weaver each purchased a one-third interest in the West Point, Mississippi franchise that had been granted to Hugh Smith of Meridian, Mississippi in April of 1906. The three became partners on November 6, 1906 and incorporated West Point Coca-Cola Bottling Company in February 1907. In June 1908, Clark and Weaver agreed to swap part and purchase part of each other’s stock in Corinth, New Albany, and West Point. As a result, Weaver owned New Albany and Corinth, while Clark became the principal owner of West Point.

In 1908, Clark purchased territory in the Tennessee counties of Weekly and Obion and the Kentucky counties of Fulton, Hickman, and Carlisle from the Carson Family of Paducah, KY and Evansville, IN. In November 1908, Clark sold one-half interest to Hugh Smith for $900.00. Smith moved to Union City, TN to operate the franchise for Union City and Dyersburg, TN.

Clark and Smith remained in business together until May 1917, when they agreed to divide their interest by assigning their Union City interest to Smith and the Mississippi holdings to Clark. Clark expanded his Coca-Cola operation to a number of areas in Kentucky, Tennessee, and Mississippi. In December 1931, a holding company, C. C. Clark, Inc., was formed to serve as the parent company of a number of corporations with the stock ownership being held by Clark and his four children. 100% of the stock is still owned by descendants of Carsie C. Clark. As of 2012, four third generation stockholders and six fourth generation stockholders work in various capacities within the Clark companies as well as being officers and directors of the subsidiaries. The Clark companies are conducting business in parts of Alabama, Indiana, Tennessee, Kentucky and Mississippi.

President/CEO/Treasurer Albert C. Clark Starkville, MS
Vice President Kentucky W. Dal Clark, Jr. Bowling Green, KY
Vice President Mississippi Harold N. Clark Starkville, MS
Chief Financial Officer Dallas Clark Oakland, KY
Secretary Morgan E. Clark Atlanta, GA

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